Mindful Monday

Monday, 22 July | 19:00 — 20:30



Alpha Omega Yoga, Am Treptower Park 28 (Schuckerthöfe, 3. Hinterhof), 12435 Berlin

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In 'Social Yoga' class we are using Yoga and Meditation as tools to explore different topics such as Connection, Trust or Emotions in a workshop/class format where we sometimes chat, help each other balancing and giggle. Expect to move gently, breathe and being reminded to come back to the present moment. After the session we* sit together to share Dinner and thoughts and realizations we had during the session - or just to chat about anything really. This format is perfect for you if you want to go beyond asana! * We - that is a group people who come regularly but we are always keen to see new faces! Just come by and see if you like us! * Arrival from 7pm * Yoga Session starts at 7.30pm (If you want to help cooking, come from 7pm on!) * Dinner & Sharing from 8.30pm Where: Salon Verde (Schuckerthöfe in Treptower Park 28). Walk through two gateways and then find a grey door on the right side. If you want to stay for Dinner please contribute a donation of 5€ to cover cost for food and rent of the space."

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