Gong Bath

Ottobre 23, mercoledì | 21:00 — 22:00


Meditation, Yoga, Dancing, Pilates

Green Yoga, Sredzkistraße 59, 10405 Berlin

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Das Studio hat eine begrenzte Anzahl an Plätzen. Bitte rechtzeitig vor Beginn des Kurses da sein. Green Yoga hat seinen Standort von Hufelandstr.23 nach Sredzkistraße 59 (10405,Berlin) geändert!!!


A gong meditation or gong bath is an invitation to go to an internal state of silence, peace and truth. It allows for a complete relaxation with the sound, balances emotions and our bio-rhythm. It reduces stress and tension, harmonizing us on our natural frequency. It gives us the possibility to work through and advance personal topics. It regenerates, strengthens and brings us into balance. How do i prepare for a gong session? Come as you are, in a conscious, sober state, with comfortable clothes, eventually with an intention or a personal topic you’d like to work on. In the gong session you will lie down on a yoga mat, you can close your eyes and listen to the sound going into deep relaxation. You will notice the sound vibrations in your body, in case you feel tense, just breathe deeply and release. After the session, take your time to memorize how the deep relaxation feels so you can remember it whenever you feel like. Gong Master: Friederike Möhres hat das Gong spielen mit Vanina Levi in Buenos Aires gelernt und mit Don Conreaux persönlich studiert, welcher von Yogi Bhajan den Auftrag erhalten hat das Gong spielen in der ganzen Welt zu verbreiten.

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