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Free trial allows you to attend all online live classes available in your country and check-in at the gyms and clubs within Frankfurt only. After your trial period, you’ll be able to check-in across all Urban Sports Club cities Europe-wide.
  • Summary

  • M membership

  • 7-day Free Trial
  • 8000+ partner venues in 6 European countries
  • 3 check-ins during trial period
  • 1 check-in  per day
  • 30 check-ins for Live Online Classes
  • 69,00 € / month*

  • After the 7-day free trial, your membership will automatically renew for 69,00 € / month.

*All prices include VAT. Memberships can be used in all cities. There are different visit limitations for each membership. At partner venues, you can check-in either daily, 4x or 8x per calendar month. Multiple check-ins per day at one venue are not allowed. You can find all the details on the partner profiles in the above map view.

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