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Urban Sports Club offers you many ways to get fit.

Instead of being contractually bound to a single gym, you can use a multitude of different studios and gyms with only one membership. 

Whether strength training or bodyweight, alone or in groups, you can customise a fitness routine that suits you. Whatever your goal - bodybuilding, relaxation, sweating, toning or team sports - you can do it all with Urban Sports Club. So download the USC app and get started today!

Le nostre 16 strutture per Fitness a Potsdam:

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Blu Sport- und Freizeitbad Più dettagli

Blu Sport- und Freizeitbad S M L XL

Acqua, Fitness, Nuoto

Innenstadt, Brauhausberg 1

clever fit Ludwigsfelde Più dettagli

clever fit Ludwigsfelde S M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training

Ludwigsfelde, Potsdamer Straße 54b

clever fit Werder Più dettagli

clever fit Werder S M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training

Werder, Adolf-Damaschke-Str. 60

Crossfit Potsdam Più dettagli

Crossfit Potsdam M L XL

CrossFit®, Fitness

Babelsberg, Neuendorfer Str. 39e

Day Night Sports Potsdam Più dettagli

Day Night Sports Potsdam S M L XL

Bootcamp, Fitness, Functional Training, Spinning

Innenstadt, Lotte-Pulewka-Straße 22

fabrik Potsdam Più dettagli

fabrik Potsdam S M L XL

Capoeira, Danza, Fitness, Functional Training, Meditazione, Pilates, Qi Gong e Tai Chi, Yoga

Berliner Vorstadt, Schiffbauergasse 4g

FIT 2000 Stahnsdorf Più dettagli

FIT 2000 Stahnsdorf S M L XL

Arti Marziali orientali tradizionali, Badminton, Fitness, Functional Training, Pilates, Spinning, Tennis

Stahnsdorf, Grüner Weg 3-5

Jasa Potsdam Più dettagli

Jasa Potsdam S M L XL

Antigravity Yoga, Fitness, Meditazione, Qi Gong e Tai Chi, Yoga

Babelsberg, Konsumhof 1-5

Kiezbad Am Stern Più dettagli

Kiezbad Am Stern S M L XL

Acqua, Fitness, Nuoto, Sauna

Babelsberg, Newtonstraße 12

marneo power - training & good food Più dettagli

marneo power - training & good food L XL

Fitness, Functional Training, Yoga

Jägervorstadt, Reiterweg 1

OutdoorAthleticClub Più dettagli

OutdoorAthleticClub L XL

Fitness, Functional Training

Jägervorstadt, Brentanoweg

Outdoor Nation Potsdam - Neuer Lustgarten Più dettagli

Outdoor Nation Potsdam - Neuer Lustgarten S M L XL


Innenstadt, Potsdam Lustgarten

Promnitz - Therapie im Zentrum Più dettagli

Promnitz - Therapie im Zentrum M L XL

Fitness, Nuoto

Westliche Vorstadt, Zeppelinstraße 131

Sportstudio Potsdam Più dettagli

Sportstudio Potsdam M L XL

Badminton, Fitness, Pugilato, Sauna

Drewitz, Nuthedamm 29

YOURS Più dettagli


Fitness, Pilates, Yoga

Bornstedt, Potsdamer Str. 18a

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