Urban Sports Club has tons of massage partners across Europe.

There’s no need to spend all your money on a massage - this wellness treatment is included in your Urban Sports Club membership.

Whether you prefer Thai, classic, sports or Ayurvedic massage, there’s no better way to relax and unwind from a stressful day. Urban Sports Club has a wide range of diverse and professional massage partners, just take a look at our app to find a partner near you.

Le nostre 9 strutture per Massaggio a Magdeburgo:

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Balance & Bewusstheit Più dettagli

Balance & Bewusstheit L XL


Altstadt, Breiter Weg 120a

Body & Soul Più dettagli

Body & Soul L XL


Buckau, Klosterbergestraße 25

Fitnessinsel Magdeburg Più dettagli

Fitnessinsel Magdeburg S M L XL

Arti Marziali orientali tradizionali, Fitness, Massaggio

Neu Olvenstedt, Johannes-Göderitz-Straße 114

Physiotherapie Swaton - Haldensleben Più dettagli

Physiotherapie Swaton - Haldensleben L XL


Haldensleben, Gerikestraße 4

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Mitte Più dettagli

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Mitte L XL


Altstadt, Regierungsstraße 24

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Ost Più dettagli

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Ost L XL

Fitness, Massaggio, Pilates

Cracau, Seestraße 9

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Süd Più dettagli

Physiotherapie Swaton - Magdeburg Süd L XL


Leipziger Straße, Förderstedter Str. 30

PILATES HAUS Magdeburg Più dettagli


Fitness, Massaggio, Pilates, Yoga

Cracau, Pechauer Platz 12

Salzland im Hotel Ratswaage Più dettagli

Salzland im Hotel Ratswaage S M L XL

Benessere, Massaggio

Altstadt, Julius-Bremer-Straße 5

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