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Urban Sports Club has tons of swimming partners across Europe.

There’s no need to spend all your money on day tickets - with Urban Sports Club you can use a variety of indoor and outdoor swimming pools with only one membership. 

Whether you want to get swim-fit, try aqua aerobics or just have a relaxing day, our wide range of swimming pool will satisfy your every need. And that includes sauna areas, open air pools, kids areas, sunbathing spots and local favourites. Find your nearest swimming pool in the Urban Sports Club app and get swimming!

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Adina Apartment Hotel Leipzig Più dettagli

Adina Apartment Hotel Leipzig L XL

Benessere, Fitness, Nuoto, Sauna

Zentrum, Brühl 50

Fitness exclusiv Più dettagli

Fitness exclusiv M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training, Nuoto, Pilates, Pugilato, Sauna, Yoga

Connewitz, Arthur-Hoffmann-Str. 175

Grünauer Welle Più dettagli

Grünauer Welle S M L XL


Grünau, Stuttgarter Allee 7

L.E. Vital Fitness Più dettagli

L.E. Vital Fitness M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training, Nuoto, Pilates, Sauna, Spinning, Yoga

Südvorstadt, Dufourstr. 28

Ökobad Lindenthal Più dettagli

Ökobad Lindenthal S M L XL


Lindenthal, Am Freibad 3

Schimmhalle Nord Più dettagli

Schimmhalle Nord S M L XL


Gohlis, Kleiststraße 54

Schreberbad Più dettagli

Schreberbad S M L XL


Zentrum West, Schreberstraße 15

Schwimmhalle Mitte Più dettagli

Schwimmhalle Mitte S M L XL


Gohlis, Kirschbergstraße 84

Schwimmhalle Nordost Più dettagli

Schwimmhalle Nordost S M L XL


Nordost, Schönefelder Allee 26

Schwimmhalle Süd Più dettagli

Schwimmhalle Süd S M L XL


Zentrum Südost, Tarostraße 10

Schwimmhalle Südost Più dettagli

Schwimmhalle Südost S M L XL


Südost, Kolmstraße 35

Schwimmhalle West Più dettagli

Schwimmhalle West S M L XL


Alt-West, Hans-Driesch-Straße 52A

Sommerbad Kleinzschocher Più dettagli

Sommerbad Kleinzschocher S M L XL


Kleinzschocher, Küchenholzallee 75

Sommerbad Schönefeld Più dettagli

Sommerbad Schönefeld S M L XL


Mockau-Süd, Volbedingstraße 39

Sommerbad Südost Più dettagli

Sommerbad Südost S M L XL


Stötteritz, Oststraße 173

Sportbad an der Elster Più dettagli

Sportbad an der Elster S M L XL


Plagwitz, Antonienstraße 8

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