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Urban Sports Club has many yoga partners across Europe. Instead of signing a yearly contract with just one studio you can sign up with USC and visit a variety of yoga studios with just one membership.

Whether you prefer Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga or Yin Yoga, you’ll find a huge range of partners that offer a variety of courses. Yoga is a fantastic way to balance everyday life, to connect with your body and get fit at the same time. So just download the Urban Sports Club app and find a yoga partner near you.

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Balance Yoga - Studio Darmstadt Più dettagli

Balance Yoga - Studio Darmstadt


Darmstadt, Alicenstraße 23

Amara Yoga Darmstadt Più dettagli

Amara Yoga Darmstadt M L XL

Massaggio, Yoga

Darmstadt, Schleiermacherstraße 2

Cityoga Darmstadt Più dettagli

Cityoga Darmstadt M L XL


Darmstadt, Rheinstraße 22

Easy Fitness Riedstadt Più dettagli

Easy Fitness Riedstadt M L XL

Fitness, Yoga

Darmstadt, Stockstädter Straße 5

HPYo - Yogaschule Più dettagli

HPYo - Yogaschule M L XL


Darmstadt, Heinrich-Fulda-Weg 8

Outfight Schule Darmstadt Più dettagli

Outfight Schule Darmstadt M L XL

Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga

Darmstadt, Heidelberger Straße 129

Step-In Fitness und Wellness Center Più dettagli

Step-In Fitness und Wellness Center M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Lotta libera, Pilates, Yoga

Griesheim, Daimler Straße 2

Traditional Taekwondo Center - Darmstadt Più dettagli

Traditional Taekwondo Center - Darmstadt S M L XL

Arti Marziali orientali tradizionali, Fitness, Yoga

Darmstadt, Bessunger Straße 33-35

Youga Yoga in Darmstadt Più dettagli

Youga Yoga in Darmstadt L XL


Darmstadt, Rheinstraße 99

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