Urban Sports Club has many yoga partners across Europe. Instead of signing a yearly contract with just one studio, you can sign up with Urban Sports Club and visit a variety of yoga studios with just one membership. 

Whether you prefer Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga or Yin Yoga, you’ll find a huge range of partners who offer plenty of different courses for you to try. Yoga is a fantastic way to balance everyday life, connect with your body and get fit at the same time. So download the Urban Sports Club app and find a yoga partner near you.

Le nostre 17 strutture per Yoga a Ulma:

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8sam leben Più dettagli

8sam leben M L XL

Meditazione, Yoga

Stadtmitte, Augsburger Straße 37

Aerial Yoga Ulm Più dettagli

Aerial Yoga Ulm L XL

Antigravity Yoga, Yoga

Stadtmitte, Lessingstraße 10a

David Health Club Più dettagli

David Health Club M L XL

Fitness, Massaggio, Personal Training, Yoga

Offenhausen, Messerschmittstr. 7

einstein Boulderhalle Ulm Più dettagli

einstein Boulderhalle Ulm M L XL

Bouldering, Crosstraining, Fitness, Functional Training, Yoga

Weststadt, Blaubeurer Strasse 100

Elite Sportclub Più dettagli

Elite Sportclub M L XL

Fitness, Functional Training, Pilates, Pugilato, Qi Gong e Tai Chi, Yoga

Offenhausen, Lessingstraße 10a

Fair Fitness Neu-Ulm Più dettagli

Fair Fitness Neu-Ulm S M L XL

Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Yoga

Stadtmitte, Industriestraße 14

fearless yoga -  Augsburger Str. Più dettagli

fearless yoga - Augsburger Str. M L XL


Stadtmitte, Augsburger Str. 48

Finest Fitness Lindenberg Più dettagli

Finest Fitness Lindenberg M L XL

Fitness, Yoga

Ravensburg, Goßholzer Str. 2

FitGroup Offenhausen Più dettagli

FitGroup Offenhausen M L XL

EMS, EMS Cardio, Fitness, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Yoga

Offenhausen, Lessingstraße 8

FKV Dance Più dettagli

FKV Dance S M L XL

Danza, Fitness, Pugilato, Yoga

Neu-Ulm, Bahnhofstraße 1/3

Haus am Fluss Più dettagli

Haus am Fluss M L XL

Qi Gong e Tai Chi, Yoga

Weststadt, Magirus-Deutz- Straße 2

Kashi Yoga-Zentrum Più dettagli

Kashi Yoga-Zentrum M L XL


Stadtmitte, Pfauengasse 25

Life Woman - Fitness für die Frau Più dettagli

Life Woman - Fitness für die Frau M L XL

Danza, Fitness, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Yoga

Senden, Daimlerstr. 21

Yoga Loft Ulm Più dettagli

Yoga Loft Ulm M L XL


Stadtmitte, Ehinger Straße 19

Yoga mit Steffi Più dettagli

Yoga mit Steffi M L XL


Stadtmitte, Kleiststraße 7

Yoga & More by Fabienne Più dettagli

Yoga & More by Fabienne M L XL

Pilates, Yoga

Neu-Ulm, Offenbachstraße 55

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