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Yoga in Kreuzberg Eugenia Har is a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, sound healer and founder of Har Studio in Berlin. Her goal is to create a safe and creative space in which to raise the Kundalini energy so that the mind finally unfolds and hits the 4D gate, releasing the spirit into the unknown of possibilities. Their desire is to create an energetic pulse that can expand others into a 5D level of consciousness, where they feel connected to life, on an adventure to grow and become their best potential as a human being on earth." www.haryoga.com

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Please arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the class starts. How to get there: „walk straight till the end of the long hall, till you see the fence, before you reach it, on the left side you will find a metal door with the sign „Har Studio“ Har Studio Urbanstrasse 116 2nd Backyard (2HH ) Groundfloor on the right side of Treppenhaus 5 (EG) 10967 Berlin Bitte beachte, dass dies eine verbindliche Buchung ist, und die Stornierungsfrist eingehalten werden muss. Die jeweilige Stornierungsfrist wird bei der Buchung angezeigt. Andernfalls wird dir der Besuch von deinem monatlichen Besuchslimit abgezogen und in Rechnung gestellt.

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