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Jivamukti Yoga in Berlin Mitte & Kreuzberg Formerly known as Jivamukti Yoga Berlin, Three Boons Yoga Berlin in Mitte and Kreuzberg have been independent Jivamukti Yoga schools since 2009, offering, at (pre-Corona) times, up to 150 yoga classes a week. The vast majority of these classes have been Jivamukti Yoga classes, and the vast majority of our teachers have been Jivamukti Yoga teachers, some of the best-trained and most experienced out there. With our new name, nothing of the above really changes, except for, well, the name: You will still able to access the same high-quality Jivamukti Yoga classes with some of the best and coolest yoga teachers out there. Hopefully, we will see each other again very soon in a yoga class in one of our beautiful studios, which we have been busy renovating and improving massively during the past months. And for the time being, let’s stay in touch through Three Boons Yoga Online offering more than 50 Live-Stream classes per week. The Jivamukti Yoga method developed out of the vibrant creative scene in lower Manhattan, and for decades the New York Jivamukti school was one of the busiest, most popular and most innovative yoga centers in the world. Described as “The Wild Child of Yoga" by Paper magazine, Jivamukti always attracted highly creative, ambitious and vital students, drawn to the vigorous Hatha Yoga classes and the deeply spiritual sense of community found at the center. Evolving to Three Boons Yoga Berlin allows us to stay local and keeps us independent and true to ourselves, enabling us to continue to embody what we loved about Jivamukti Yoga, once upon a time, when we adopted the name Jivamukti Yoga Berlin: Being hot, hip and holy Wild Children of Yoga, independent of global policies and corporations. After all, liberation is what the way of the Jivanmukta is all about. Three Boons Yoga Kreuzberg has got all the same stuff you know and love about Three Boons Yoga —the same tried and true asanas and sequences, the same top-notch tunes and talented teachers, but there is no mistaking it, the Kreuzberg center radiates with a decidedly funky Kreuzberg vibe. The neighborhood is positively vibrating with life, culture, art and diversity. Three Boons Yoga XBerg boasts one of the primest locations possible—you can find us on Oranienstrasse, one of the liveliest and most exciting streets in town. While Oranienstrasse could probably be dubbed “the street that never sleeps”, our beautiful top-floor studio is hidden just behind it, tucked cozily away in a quiet backyard, thus lending the studio something of an urban oasis feel. Gorgeously refurbished with soaring ceilings, huge windows, and flooded with warm, natural sun light, it’s hard to deny the almost cathedral-like feeling of the place with its huge 220sqm yoga room. And of course we’ve got all the practical amenities: men’s and womens’ changing rooms and showers, mats, blankets, blocks and belts, nutritious drinks and snacks (including some of the city’s tastiest organic chocolates), and every day we offer various classes suitable for beginners, experienced yogis, early risers and night owls alike.

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M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat standortübergreifend in beiden Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin Studios an Kursen teilnehmen L-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat standortübergreifend in beiden Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin Studios an Kursen teilnehmen XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat standortübergreifend in beiden Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin Studios an Kursen teilnehmen Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin bietet außerdem live-online Kurse an. Gehe dazu auf das Live-online Profil von Online – Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin: Du kannst bis zu 8 Mal pro Kalendermonat in Online Kurse einchecken: BEACHTE: Bitte erscheine rechtzeitig (mindestens 5min vor Beginn der jeweiligen Klasse) am Checkin, da dir sonst keine Teilnahme garantiert werden kann. Bei unserem Partner Three Boons Yoga Kreuzberg – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin kannst du zudem ausschließlich mit der App einchecken. Anders (also insbes. ohne funktionierende App auf deinem Smartphone) können diese Kurse leider nicht besucht werden.


Bringe bitte eine eigene Yogamatte mit. Leihmatten kosten 3 €, da sie nach jeder Benutzung von 3BY aufwändig gewaschen, desinfiziert und getrocknet werden. Erscheine rechtzeitig: mind. 5min vor Beginn der jeweiligen Klasse Buche Deinen Kurs direkt über die Urban Sports Club App! Bitte beachte, dass dies eine verbindliche Buchung ist, und die Stornierungsfrist eingehalten werden muss. Die jeweilige Storniernungsfrist wird bei der Buchung angezeigt. Andernfalls wird dir der Besuch von deinem monatlichen Besuchslimit abgezogen und in Rechnung gestellt. Bitte berücksichtige auch die AGB von Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin, da diese Grundlage deiner Teilnahme an den dortigen Yogakursen sind. Diese kannst du auf der Website ( oder bei Three Boons Yoga – f.k.a. Jivamukti Berlin direkt vor Ort einsehen. Ein gutes Miteinander ist uns allen wichtig. Vielen Dank.

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