"Indian- Semi-Classical" / Abhinaya Indischer Tanz


Tanzen in Altstadt-Lehel INDIAN SEMI-CLASSICAL - SNEHA BHARADWAJ Bollywood dance moves are a familiar sight around the globe. But what is the symbolism of the gestures, footwork, and costumes?? Was it drawn from classical Indian dance styles? Well, Originally, Bollywood dancing drew inspiration from Indian classical dance styles; Mughal influenced dances of historic northern Indian courtesans and various folk dances from all over India. With the blend of Western cultural influences on Indian society, the newer Indian cinemas feature dances that clearly show a blend of Classical dance and western dance style which is now Bollywood dance. Abhinaya Semi-Classical Choreography is an effort to recreate the style of older movies, where the choreography was primarily modeled on Indian classical and folk dance styles.


Samstag: 13:30 - 14:30


M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat INDIAN SEMI-CLASSICAL - SNEHA BHARADWAJ besuchen. L- und XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat INDIAN SEMI-CLASSICAL - SNEHA BHARADWAJ besuchen.


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