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Pilates im Prenzlauer Berg My name is Vladimir Dziomba, I have been trained in teaching dance, the F.M. Alexander technique and the Pilates method, three different dimensions which I combine to develop new approaches and practises such as Lengthening Pilates and Upgrounding Developmental Movement, and to further my research about being a thinking body made of constant motion, and which is by essence, designed to be moving. I am looking forward to inviting you to experience how to rise from the floor by being suspended from the head, how to allow the triggering of the bio-mechanisms of motion of the body, how to move into space with ease and release, lightness and strength, span, and with much pleasure. Regardless of your professional field and of how much moving you do through the course of the week, a body made of movement and meant to be moving is what you are, and there is a way for you to make that pain-free, enjoyable and happy... : I welcome you for an Alexander technique lesson, a Lengthening Pilates session, an Upgrounding Developmental Movement class!

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