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Yoga e Massagens em Lisboa. I am a passionate yogi and surfer and an experienced and registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I trained to become a Yoga teacher in India and have been teaching Yoga full-time in Portugal and France since 2015. Join my weekly Hatha flow & Yin Yoga classes at Little Yoga Space Lisboa. Classes are fun and vary from dynamic to gentle and are suited for all levels of practitioners. Hatha flow - Tuesdays and Wednesdays A dynamic style of Yoga with fluid movements and active stretches to increase flexibility and static held positions to build strength to support your back, pelvis and shoulders. Classes will leave you balanced, energised and focused. Yin Yoga & Yin/Yang Yoga - Thursdays and Fridays A gentle form of Yoga that helps to restore your energy levels and reliefs body soreness and tension. Positions are being held from 3-6minutes for a deep release in your connective tissue. Classes are suited for anyone, looking for a good balance to a busy, active life style and getting into a meditation practise. Through Yoga I found a passion for anatomy and working holistically with bodies and energetic systems. I have been working as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist since 2015. Thai Yoga massage is a combination of energy work, supported stretches, acupressure and rocking movements to relax body & mind. A Massage usually lasts between 90-120min and is given on a futon on the floor in comfortable clothing. The therapist uses hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet to work with, which can give different types of pressure and lead to a deep release of tension. For me, Yoga & Thai Massage is the ultimate Form of balance. By practising and sharing my knowledge i feel i can bring peace and harmony into every day of my life and help others, too. I also offer Yoga workshops and Yoga and Surf days around Lisbon's beaches. From April to November I teach outdoor Yoga lessons in the beautiful parks and on rooftops with the best views of Lisbon. Please find out more via

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