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  • 8   check-ins for Live Online Classes /month*
  • 374 venues  in  Munich
  • +  6749   venues in 93 other cities
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    66,00 €

*All prices include VAT. Memberships can be used in all cities. There are different visit limitations for each membership. At partner venues, you can check-in either daily, 4x or 8x per calendar month. Multiple check-ins per day at one venue are not allowed. You can find all the details on the partner profiles in the above map view.

Your questions, answered.


Can I choose a membership start date?

Yes. You can pick a start date of your choice from today when you sign up at checkout. Your membership fee is always charged on the same day, as per your start date and you’ll be able to make bookings and check in from that date on.

When can I start using my membership?

You can start using your membership straight away, once you purchased your membership

Can I pause or cancel my membership anytime?

Yes. You can request a pause, starting from your next billing cycle, at any time. Our memberships require three days notice for your subscription to be cancelled at the end of your current membership cycle.

What happens if I have reached the check-in limit with a partner?

If you have reached a check-in limit, you will not be able to check in at that partner. On the first of each month, your limits will be reset. You can, of course, visit other partners this time if you have an M, L or XL membership. You can also check how many times you’ve been to a partner under “check-ins” in the app. S memberships have a limit of 4 check in every 4 weeks from your membership start date.

How many times per day can I check in?

You can only check in once per day at each partner venue but you can visit more than one partner a day if you like. Some premium partners have check in limits per month. To find out, check under "visit limits" on the venues listing here.

What are Plus check-ins?

Plus check-ins are check-ins that you need for certain activities. Those include wellness (saunas and massages), EMS, boutique studios, and cryotherapy, to mention a few. You have a check-in limit depending on your membership type. With an L membership, you have 4 Plus check-ins (1 massage included) per calendar month included in your regular check-ins. With an XL membership, you have 8 Plus check-ins (2 massages included) per calendar month included in your regular check-ins.


Can I use my membership in all the Urban Sports Club cities?

Yes. You can check in with our partner studios in all countries that are on offer. You can see which cities are included by checking on our website or in the app.

Can I exercise in another Urban Sports Club city?

Yes. You can check in with our partner studios in all countries that are on offer. You can also select your prefered city to exercise for a tailored experience in your profile settings on the website.


When will my membership be charged?

If you choose to start your membership at a later date than when you sign up, the first membership fee will be deducted on that date, when your membership is activated. Your membership fee is then always charged on the same date, monthly, with the payment method you selected. You can check which date your membership started from your profile on the website under "member since".

Are there any extra costs or fees in addition to the membership fee?

There are no registration fees or other additional charges at Urban Sports Club.

Can my membership be less expensive?

You can refer members to Urban Sports Club with your referral code once you have subscribed. You will find your referral code under your profile in the app. You’ll get 10 € credit on your account for every referred member that stays for more than 3 month. The referred member also gets 10 € off their third monthly payment ;)

Do you offer discounts for members with a disability and members of the press?

Yes we do. To redeem the discount, you will have to sign up with a membership paid in full, and to send us a copy of some documentation afterwards (Press ID or disability card). Find more information here.

Where can I enter my coupon code?

You can enter your coupon code under the summary section at checkout after you selected your membership.
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