Corporate fitness – modern and flexible

A large and diverse sports selection that caters towards all of your employees' interests.

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Our corporate fitness offer today

Urban Sports Club offers an innovative and awarded approach to corporate fitness and corporate wellness. Help your employees become physically active by giving them access to more than 50 types of sports.

Ranging from yoga, to gymnastics, or climbing and all even regular soccer games – the USC offer covers all types of sports and locations. Employees can relax or imporve their focus at Qi Gong, yoga or sauna, or work on their stamina and mental strength through fitness courses or team sports. With USC, all those possibilities are combined a single offer. Support your team on their way to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with your individual corporate health program.

Benefits for employees

Large Selection of sports

From yoga to functional training, aquabike and climbing, our activities cover all the needs and interests of your employees.


near the office, the place of residence or on business trips

Better motivation

through teaming up with other employees and friends.

Increase your performance

and your personal health.

Gain your work-life-balance

with the right mix of relaxation and power.

Low individual costs

thanks to sponsoring of your employer!



Do sports when and where you want - at hundreds of venues in your city and thousands more in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal!



From fitness to yoga, swimming to climbing, team sports to wellness - you'll find what you're looking for!



The largest, most flexible and diverse sports offering in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain!



Flexible terms & monthly pausing. Full flexibility and short contract durations.

Benefits for employers

Increase the attractiveness of your company with a diverse sports offer.

Individual interests of all employees are covered.

Reduce the amount of sick days and improve general wellbeing, while lowering costs.

An exempt part of the social contributions.

Joint sports activities create a healthy environment and foster team spirit!

Our fitness and health consultants offer individual and professional advice and adapt to the needs and wishes of your company. Our aim is to guarantee the best results when it comes to enhancing or establishing your corporate wellness program and create more team-building activities.

One partner - many benefits

With one partnership with USC alone, your employees will benefit on multiple levels. Corporate fitness reduces stress levels, strenghtens health and wellbeing and enhances the work environment. Additionally, healthy and satisfied employees are less prone to become sick, thus lowering your health care costs and increasing productivity.

Corporate health programs have a significant number of advantages. Team-building initiatives increase cooperation among your employees. As part of USC, employees can participate in group workouts such as functional training and boot camps, join climbing groups, along with competing together in team sports (for e.g. soccer leagues).

Award Winner

Urban Sports Club was awarded first place of all Fitness Flatrates by the German Insitute of Service Quality in 2017.

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