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S Membership
Monthly limit 4
Minimum contract duration 3 months
Monthly access to Spa, Massage & EMS
Price per month 29,00 €
M Membership
Monthly limit Unlimited
Minimum contract duration 1 month
Monthly access to Spa, Massage & EMS
Price per month 59,00 €
L Membership
Monthly limit Unlimited
Minimum contract duration 1 month
Monthly access to Spa, Massage & EMS 4
Price per month 99,00 €

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133 venues
in Berlin

383 venues in other 19 cities

392 venues
in Berlin

1079 venues in other 21 cities

478 venues
in Berlin

1448 venues in other 21 cities

Monthly limit: 4

Monthly limit: Unlimited

Monthly limit: Unlimited

Plus 4x Spa, Massage & EMS Per Month

30 venues

91 venues

113 venues

Holmes Place Bismarckstraße

Holmes Place Schlossstrasse

1st Floor Studio



Achtsam bewegen - von Kopf bis Fuß

Active Ladies

Allongé Studio

American Fitness Berlin

Ananda Balance

Apollo Fitness World

Athletic Warriors - Kreuzberg

Athletic Warriors - Volkspark Friedrichshain

Athletik Training Berlin - Asics Store Ku'damm

Athletik Training Berlin - Friedrichshain

Athletik Training Berlin - Hasenheide

Athletik Training Berlin - Schöneberg Wilmersdorf

Avantgarde Body and Dance


Barre-Balance Berlin - Gymnastik & Mehr

Barre-Balance Berlin - Tanz & Ballettstudio

Berlin Strength

Black Sheep Athletics / CrossFit GHH

Body Performance

BootCamp Bäkestr.

BootCamp FU Campus

BootCamp Tiergarten

Capoeira Akademie Berlin

Celebrity Sports School

Center of Dance


Dharmayoga Berlin

EVO rosa

Eutonia Physio

Evope Performance Center & O CrossFit

FHC Sportstudio

Fenriz Trainingszentrum

Fit am Rosenthaler Platz

Fit im Wedding

Fit in Tegel - Der Sportpark

Fitness Company

Fitness Unlimited Pankow

Fitness am Park

Fitness und Reha-Zentrum Britz

FitnessCenter aTB

Fitnesscenter Vital Inn

Freitags Feldenkrais Berlin

Füchse Reinickendorf

Getout Training - Friedrichshain

Getout Training - Treptow

Gettoworkout Gleisdreieck

Gettoworkout Wedding

Gettoworkout am Nordbahnhof

Gritspot - Nordbahnhof

Gymnastikstudio Schlanke Linie

HAYAL - OrientalMoves

Hilton Berlin - Living Well Health Club

Holmes Place Gendarmenmarkt

Holmes Place Neue Welt

Holmes Place Ostkreuz

Holmes Place Potsdamer Platz


Impuls Fitness

Jump 3000

Kettlebell Club Berlin


Ladyline Loft - Yoga & More

Legends - Fight & Box Academy

Leicht er leben

Lotos Yoga

Magic Mountain - Die Kletterhalle

Mom in Balance Blankensteinpark

Mom in Balance Lietzenseepark

Mom in Balance Volkspark Friedrichshain

My Range of Motion

Nautilus Fitnesscenter

Orange Fit

Paramount Fitness

Physiotherapie Danelski

Pole Flow Berlin

Pole Sport Studio

Pole Stars Berlin

Poledance Schule Berlin

Pyramide Fitness World


Redlightdance - Charlottenburg

Ride.bln - Studio Mitte

Ride.bln - Studio West

SDAC - Steglitzer Dance- and Aerobic Centre

Sita Tara


Sport und Spirit - Starke Körpermitte

Sportraum bs

Sportschule Bushido

Sprungraum Berlin

Streetwise Academy Krav Maga

TSX Activities

TURNHALLE - hightech sports

Tanzkurse Elena