Anne Pawlak


Fitnesskurse in Berlin Curious about building real strength, stamina and coordination? Trying a holistic way of moving and breathing to improve posture and body feeling? Then you are in the right place. Anne offers exactly that in her fun and effective Warm Body - Good Vibes classes and Breath Club sessions. Anne’s practise combines elements of HIIT, Animal Moves, Dance and Yoga. The Foundation for confident movement and wellbeing is effective breathing. "Most of our daily activities take us out of our body and disrupt the body and mind connection. Breathwork allows us to return to our neutral self where we can become creative, explosive, expressive and dynamic in our body and mind. And most of all joyful and content with ourselves." Feel free to bring your own mat and towel. To make the most of your training make sure to hydrate properly about an hour before the training. Anne discovered the power of breath after overtraining her body for years, which caused hormonal imbalances and over exhaustion. Through dedicated breath and meditation practise in Japan as well as syncing her workout with her hormonal cycle, she was able to return back to a grounded balance. "Many of my clients are high performers at work and at home with little time on their hands. High workloads, higher responsibilities and even higher stress levels. This means they are often sleep poorly, feel too exhausted, and have a bad conscience when they don't give it their all in workouts. I make sure to design a balanced practise that works for them so they can feel good in their body ."

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Samedi: 11:00 - 12:00

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