Phoenix A.D.A. Martial Arts

Boxsport, Free Fight, Mixed Martial Arts, Qi Gong und Tai Chi, Traditionell-Asiatische Kampfkünste

Welcome to Phoenix A.D.A. Martial Arts. A word from the partner 📣 : The Phoenix ADA team shares its experience with you in a friendly atmosphere to help you develop not only your self-confidence, but also your physical condition. Amenities available 🚿 : cloakroom and shower We 🖤 : friendly and family atmosphere


Ce partenaire est ouvert et propose des activités dans le respect des règles sanitaires. Réservez dès maintenant !


Subscription S : 4/mois Subscription M : 8/mois Subscription L : 8/mois Subscription XL : 8/mois

Wichtige Informationen:

To book a class, contact the partner directly by text message on +32 498 14 39 85, giving your name, USC subscription number and information about the class you wish to book.

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