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Yoga in München - Au-Haidhausen LYLA Soul Yoga specializes in pop-up style Yoga Classes and Events that will break you out of your normal routine and mindset. Sweat, dance or meditate it out during these creative and free-flowing sessions with your favorite local Teachers! Events and Workshops include a combination of yoga, electronic music, djs, silent discos, sound bowls, ecstatic dance, yoga flow dance, breathwork and/or meditation, most times followed by drinks, food, markets or post-Session hangouts to come together as a community. Altogether creating a unique and eye opening experience that simply cannot be replicated. Allow yourself to be fully immersed and lose yourself in the dynamic sequence of Asana moves, groovy tunes and community of like-minded souls. Currently being held online until regulations change, we continue the spirit of togetherness and community in unique and different ways to keep your mind engaged and motivated! Facebook:

Opening Times:

Die Öffnungszeiten richten sich nach den Kurszeiten. Bitte vergewissere dich vor deinem Besuch direkt beim Partner, ob der Kurs stattfindet und du am Kurs teilnehmen kannst und ob es spezielle Hygiene-Richtlinien vom Partner gibt.

Visit Limits:

L- & XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat an den Kursen von LYLA Soul Yoga teilnehmen

Important Info:

Um an den Kursen teilzunehmen, registriere dich bitte über diesen Link Bitte melde deine Kursteilnahme per Mail unter [email protected] an. Solltest du nicht an deinem gebuchten Termin teilnehmen können, melde dich bitte wieder ab. Total special discount of 10€ for events! USC members can use their membership to check in to be granted access but must pay an additional 12€ on-site (any additional food meals offered must be ordered in advance and paid for on top).

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