Bouldering is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports at Urban Sports Club. And it’s no wonder: this total-body workout has numerous benefits, including strength training, cardio and improving balance and concentration. With Urban Sports Club, you can try out bouldering and over 50 other sports with just one flexible membership. 

Head to the bouldering hall in the morning for a pre-work climb, or make it a group activity with friends or colleagues after a long day at the office. Regardless of when or where you want to train, Urban Sports Club is your one-stop-shop for variety and flexibility. Are you a member yet?

Nuestros 8 centros de Boulder en Nuremberg:

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Café Kraft Más información

Café Kraft


Ziegelstein, Gebertsstraße 9

Blockhelden Bamberg Más información

Blockhelden Bamberg M L XL


Bamberg, Memmelsdorfer Straße 211

Blockhelden Erlangen Más información

Blockhelden Erlangen M L XL


Dechsendorf, Weisendorfer Str. 18

Boulderhalle e4 Más información

Boulderhalle e4 M L XL

Boulder, Escalada

Gleißhammer, Allersberger Straße 185

Boulderia Más información

Boulderia S M L XL


Neunkirchen am Brand, Gräfenberger Str. 36

der steinbock Nürnberg Más información

der steinbock Nürnberg M L XL


Höfen, Leyher Straße 54

der steinbock Zirndorf Más información

der steinbock Zirndorf M L XL


Zirndorf, Steinweg 9

Magnesia Kletter-Seil-Erlebnispark Más información

Magnesia Kletter-Seil-Erlebnispark S M L XL

Boulder, Escalada

Forchheim, Trettlachstraße 1

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