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Meditation in Zehlendorf und Friedenau Common Humanity, Berlin's English-speaking mindfulness center, was created first and foremost to bring people together. Its mission is to create a warm and inviting space that allows members to build community, live a healthier lifestyle and tap into their own wisdom regardless of religion, background or political affiliation. As the name suggests, we have much more in common than we realize. We have much to learn from each other and we are more effective together. Through mindfulness, meditation and community we can better realize our personal potential and find greater stability in an increasingly chaotic world. Mindfulness Meditation can: * reduce stress and tension * boost your immune system * give you a greater understanding of yourself and others * prevent against "burnout" * increase your creativity * and much more Are you unfamiliar with mindfulness or mindful meditation? If so, we invite you to come and sit with us for an hour. You don't need any experience; however, all levels are welcome. Our hour-long meditations include 2-3 mindful meditations centered around a theme, followed by a short group discussion. Meditations will be in English, but please do not be intimidated. There is a great deal of silence in meditation, and you will not be required to write a master's thesis (we promise). If you have never had the opportunity to meditate in a group setting, you will find it to be a different (and potentially more enriching) experience from sitting alone. Kim Douglass is the founder and facilitator of the hour-long meditation sessions. She is an American Expat that has lived in Germany since 2006. She worked for many years in the corporate world, most recently as the Marketing Communications Manager for a tech company in Berlin. After her daughter was born in 2013, she had a serious bout with post-partum depression (PPD), which caused her to look for a solution that did not involve medication. Everything she read pointed to meditation. After much research, reading, meditating and yoga practice, she left her career to pursue a future teaching mindfulness to others because her life was changed so dramatically. Kim completed her Mindfulness, Meditation, and MBSR teacher training at Mindful Academy in Spain in 2017 and is enthusiastic about teaching people a more joyful and hopeful way to live their lives with a dash of mindfulness and a lot more kindness. You can find out more about Common Humanity on their website:

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