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Yoga in Neukölln At Yoga Futura we are here to support you in establishing or deepening your yoga practice, no matter your circumstances. We believe that a steady and continuous yoga practice can benefit all, and our commitment is finding the approach that fits your individual needs. Founded by two friends, mothers and partners, this space is the manifestation of our love for yoga and community. Aside finding joy in practicing, we believe one of the greatest benefits of yoga is the connection it brings within its practitioners. Having met through yoga, our friendship symbolises the power of this union. When thinking about how we want to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe to practice in our studio, we identified a few important principles which we have carried over into our teachings. These include placing emphasis on consent as the basis of any physical touch, ensuring that the practice is non-injurious, and fostering an environment where yoga is not synonymous with being able-bodied. The yoga that we practice and teach is not new, it is a result of the evolution that has been occurring within and outside of the yoga tradition for hundreds of years. Our approach however is unique in that it aims to re-evaluate which of these traditions still serves us today. Yoga Futura stands for a sustainable practice that will support you in all the different phases of your life.

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