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Fitness en Barcelona SAMFIT Club Club is an international Barcelona-based community of people with the desire to be healthier and fitter, enjoying the environment surrounding us, and having a great time by working out together through online and outdoor trainings. At SAMFIT Club we offer different kind of activities where everybody can adapt to their own level and intensity. Our classes are dynamic and with a variety of different exercises in every session so no-one never feel it is repetitive or boring, there is always a lot of energy, and we have fun while getting a good session done.

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M, L y XL - podrán asistir a SAMFIT Club Online 1 vez al día. Dentro de sus limitaciones, con el Plan S solo se podrá acceder 4 veces al mes a SAMFIT Club Online.

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¡Reserva tu clase directamente a través de la aplicación de Urban Sports Club! Por favor, ten en cuenta que esta es una reserva vinculante. Si necesitas cancelar una clase, por favor hazlo dentro del período de cancelación.

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