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Yoga in Kreuzberg Hearth Yoga - Dynamic Mindfulness We believe in Yoga as the place to come together, with others practicing with you in a space where you feel free to just be, and tune in with your own Body, Mind and Breath. Keeping the precious curiosity of a beginner’ s mind, we can explore the restorative power of linking breath to movement. The Mindful approach to breath and body in our practices impacts clarity of mind and activates our deep core line. As human beings we are gifted with resilience and Yoga can help us explore this powerful tool. The classes are focused on the principle of Mindfulness with attention towards classical asanas and contemporary biomechanics. The classes offered are a balance of grounding/core/balance/inversions exercises and guided meditation, effort and ease, curated soundtrack and silence. Mixed level from beginners to advanced. Classes are in english, italian and spanish are also available.

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