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Yoga in Kreuzberg/Mitte/Neukölln Yoga & Breathwork classes at PRAXIS KÖPI with Juliette van der Weijde @julietta_berlin and guest teachers Juliette is a Dutch sunshine spirit and Berlin-based Yoga & Breathwork teacher. Her classes integrate 15+ years of Yoga experience and focus on creating stability in the body & mind. Learn to move in alignment with your breath, to become steady and comfortable in any posture and beyond (off the mat). Juliette hosts workshops and retreats internationally. Her signature Backbending classes have been running in Berlin since 2018. As well from the Prana Vashya method are the new early morning classes where we learn and develop the sixty asana Prana Vashya Yoga Primary Series including understanding and perfecting the relationship of breath to asana practice. The "Dynamic Flows" in the evening are strong Hatha-Vinyasa style classes with many variations to challenge experienced students. We'll play with inversions and arm balances as well. All levels are welcome! “Through the breath we find the connection to our True Self”

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