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Massagen in Neukölln Bodywork afternoon at OMA OM OMA OM’s practioner SAKO (they,them) offers single tasting sessions, as well as all their regular sessions of integrative bodywork and traditional chinese medicine with USC discount. SAKO is a certified holistic practioner and acupuncturist. They trained several years at the Somatic Academy and completed their education at the Heilpraktikschule Bethanien (Alternative Medicine Studies with focus on Acupuncture & TCM). They are founder of Project Playground, a collective dedicated to the art of play and facilitates different formats of somatic workshops. As a bodyworker, SAKO’s touch is inspired by the meridian-system of the body, somatic methods and various massage techniques. In their sessions you can choose wether your want certain styles to fusionate according to your needs or focus on one specific treatment:  Meridian Massage: blending of Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tuina, Yin-Yang Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxa Muscular/Fascial Massage:  Back & Neck focus using techniques of Swedish Massage , Ashi-Points (Pain-Pressure-Points), Cupping Somatic Massage: embodiment work inspired by Cranio Sacrale, Continuum Movement, Feldenkrais, Middendorf Breathing and BMC  To book a session please reach out to SAKO via their booking form or contact details on On your session day, please do arrive a bit early to find yourself around at Holzmarkt. SAKO is renting a praxis space at IKSK, the institute of sexual culture and bodyreseach of Berlin, just above Säalchen. 1xonly Tasting-Session 30min - USC checkin(L, XL) + any donation to support a solispot/ treatment for someone in need within my praxis times Recommended: Session 60min + 35Eu with USC checkin(L, XL) Session 90min + 55Eu with USC checkin(L, XL) (Longer Sessions and Treatments are possible with an additional fare. Private and Additional Insurances may cover the FULL COSTS! If you want to work on a specific topic please book yourself in for 90min the first time, for your session but also questionnaire, check-up and creation of a session plan with coaching) OMA OM is a studio offering ceramics and movement classes for kids, as well as for grown-ups. The studio holds a treatment collective as well, dedicated to talk- & body therapies. For yoga classes and other offers visit  2pm-8pm OMA OM ist ein Studio für Keramik, Yoga und Coachings für Kinder und Erwachsene und umschließt auch ein Praxiskollektiv verschiedener Therapeut_innen mit ihrer Gesprächs- und Körperarbeit. Für die anderen Angebote, wie Yogakurse informiere dich bitte vorerst auf der Webseite des Studios:  14.00-20.00

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