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Hoop Fitness in Prenzlauer Berg Hula hooping is an excellent way to get fit, stay strong and an excellent party trick to pull in front of your friends! Hoop Plus Fit Classes run every Tuesday 20:00-20:00. I alternate the focus weekly between fitness Hooping and tricks classes. The fitness focused classes begin with core strengthening exercises. We work mainly with waist hooping in order to build the strength and control needed to dance freely with the hoop around the waist and improve flow. In the tricks classes we train new skills and work on getting a better technique at every stage. I break down tricks into small achievable steps and which we use as building blocks for getting the trick. I also teach the tricks in small sequences, so we learn how to flow in and out of them from the beginning. As well as how to time your movement to the music. Aside from the Class I also run the The Hoop Plus Jam. This is is an open training session with a live DJ every week.There is a great sound system there, so you can feel the music and flow. Get Fit! Learn Tricks! Find Your Flow!

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