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Boxen, Funktionelles Training, Sauna & Yoga in Schöneberg Step into the Dopamine Studio, a uniquely crafted outdoor gym nestled in the heart of Berlin. Immerse yourself in professionally guided classes, or simply unwind and rejuvenate in our invigorating Barrel Sauna and Ice Bath facility. DOPE Boxing courses: The ultimate fusion of boxing mastery and an exhilarating, sweat-inducing workout. Led by coaches with real-life boxing experience, our classes guarantee the highest level of instruction. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping session that will leave you with a delightful surge of dopamine. For DOPE boxing you will need gloves and handwraps: Either bring your own or conveniently purchase/rent them at our studio. Functional Training / HIIT: Get your heartrate up while working on your strength and conditioning in our fun functional training and HIIT classes. DOPE SAUNA and ICEBATHS STATION: Recover like a pro in our urban jungle. Our barrel Sauna and Ice bath station will take you on a wild journey of hot and cold therapy to help you recover from any occasion, whether it's a long night out in Berlin or a hard week of workouts. Additionally, our Sauna is available for private sessions, perfect for you and your friends. Simply reach out to us via email for further information. New to fitness or returning after a break? No worries! Our courses cater to all levels, accommodating beginners and advanced individuals alike. Our dedicated coaches will ensure your well-being every step of the way. Please note that while we don't have showers, we provide an invigorating outdoor cold shower and outdoor toilet facilities for your convenience. Any questions? Reach out: [email protected]. Our Vision: Dopamine Studio aspires to be more than just a gym. We are a gathering place for individuals united by their passion for fitness and movement. We believe in striking a balance between enjoying a few cold beverages on weekends and caring for our bodies, minds, and souls. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to foster connections through partner exercises and challenges. Our space offers an inviting environment to relax, have a coffee, and engage in friendly conversations before and after workouts. To promote a strong sense of community, we regularly host DOPE Dinners and other community events. At Dopamine, we prioritize the safety and inclusivity of all our members, striving to create a community-driven space where everyone can find their own perfect way to experience a dopamine rush. Did you know? Our space also hosts Calisthenics courses led by the renowned Barliner workout crew based in Berlin. No matter if you're a newcomer eager to explore calisthenics or an experienced practitioner aiming to elevate your skills. Book a calisthenics course here:

Opening Times:

Die Öffnungszeiten richten sich nach den Kurszeiten. Buche deinen Kurs direkt über die Urban Sports Club App!

Visit Limits:

M-Mitglieder können 4 Mal pro Monat an den Kursen von the dopamine studio teilnehmen L & XL-Mitglieder können 8 Mal pro Monat an den Kursen von the dopamine studio teilnehmen

Important Info:

Our entrance is in the parking lot of NOTAGALLERY, located at Kurfürstenstr. 151. For Boxing classes you will need hand wraps, which you can bring with you or buy in the studio. You will also need gloves, which you can bring with you or rent/buy from us. Book your course directly through the Urban Sports Club App! Please note that this is a binding booking and the cancellation deadline must be respected. The cancellation deadline will be displayed during the booking process. Otherwise, the visit will be deducted from your monthly visit limit and you will be charged. Note: The check-in process via QR code remains unchanged on site.

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