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Dein Studio in Berlin-Mitte für alles rund um HYROX WE ARE NEW in 2024 - FOLLOW US @CFM_HYROX to get latest news. Hyrox is the No. 1 international fitness competiton. www.hyroxgermany.com At our new Gym Hyrox Mitte (Instagram @CFM_HYROX) - established in 2024, we offer a great atmosphere, latest newest concept 2 equipment and training with experienced coaches from HYROX WORLD certified. They have competed many times and even won in some categories. Hyrox is about endurance. It has elements like rowing, ski, burpees, sled pull and push, a lot of running, kettlebell carry and wall balls. As the only sole HYROX Gym in Mitte, we also have an outdoor space with work stations in front and a 200m distance running option. to train. Either if you like to start (check out our HYROX BASIC Class) or like to prepare for the big Hyrox Event, you are welcome to join and talk to the coaches about your goals.´to get in shape.

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Die Öffnungszeiten hängen von den Kurszeiten / vereinbarten Terminen ab oder sind nicht bekannt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Partner-Website.

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M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat an den Kursen von HYROX MITTE teilnehmen L & XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat an den Kursen von HYROX MITTE teilnehmen

Información importante:

Important special features when booking! HYROX MITTE uses Eversports as a booking system. 1) First register over CFM CrossFit Mitte in the LINK https://www.eversports.de/auth/register?origin=widget&redirectApp=widget&redirectPath=%2Fwidget%2Fw%2Fs_ZzUm&venueId=2a08f994-eb3d-4bdb-93db-ee7d5669dbf8 and write your USC number in your first name as follows: Example: First name – Sandra USC No. 1234567 Cash on delivery - Müller 2) Then select “USC time card” 3) You can then book the HYROXMITTE Berlin courses IMPORTANT: Email & timetable * Please register only with your email, which you also use at Urban Sports Club. * Please upload a photo of yourself to Eversport. You can find the current timetable here: https://crossfitmitte.de/schedule/ Scroll through to HYROX MITTE Classes in pink. HYROX MITTE is next to CFM CrossFit MITTE (black building) Showers are only available at CFM CrossFIt next door. There are separate changing rooms and toilette for women on the first floor. Men please change at CFM or come already changed. If you are FIRST TIMER to HYROX you would need to attend 3 x our BASIC HYROX Classes to get access to all other class. When you enter HYROX MITTE Berlin, scan the QR code there and show your cell phone to the instructor. Please note some classes have only XL/L Card accesss, but you will see when you are booking. SIGNING OFF: If you cannot make the appointment, please cancel at least 12 hours in advance so that others can still take your place! You can deregister yourself in the Eversport app. Otherwise, the visit will be deducted from your monthly visit limit and invoiced. Have fun, we look forward to seeing you!

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