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Yoga in Treptow After two years sitting in an office, I decided that that is not the life that keeps me healthy and makes me happy - it was time for change. As during that time Yoga had become the counter-balance, the place for silence and calmness, a space for self-love, I decided to train to be a Yoga Teacher, so I could open and offer this space for others. Now I am passionate about bringing Yoga back to where we need it the most - the workspace and everyday life. MotionLab is a mobility-focussed co-working space. The classes are held in one of the garages between all funky bicycles, with the idea that Yoga can be practiced everywhere - no fancy studio needed. Personal growth, taking the freedom to shape your life into what serves you best and letting go of what does not suit you anymore are central themes in my classes. The Morning Glory Classes combine a playful flow, breath work and meditation, to let you break out of the cocoon of sleepiness. They energise and centre, for you to joyfully start the day.

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