With Urban Sports Club, there are tons of ways to get fit. Why join a gym when you can access thousands of fitness venues across Europe with just one membership!

Whether you want to practice strength training or cardio, work out alone or in groups, you can customize a fitness routine based on what you love. Work up a sweat, tone your muscles or enjoy team sports: you can do all this and more with Urban Sports Club. So download the Urban Sports Club app and get started today!

Os nossos 7 locais para Fitness em Kassel:

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Anabel Wolter Mais detalhes

Anabel Wolter M L XL


Göttingen, Adolf-Elissen-Weg 10

Athletics Fitness- & Gesundheitsakademie Kassel Mais detalhes

Athletics Fitness- & Gesundheitsakademie Kassel M L XL

Artes Marciais Orientais Tradicionais, Desportos de Combate, Fitness, Qi Gong e Tai Chi

Kassel, Wolfhager Str. 18-20

Athletics Fitness- & Gesundheitsakademie Lohfelden Mais detalhes

Athletics Fitness- & Gesundheitsakademie Lohfelden M L XL

Artes Marciais Orientais Tradicionais, Dança, Fitness, Indoor Cycling

Kassel, Poststr. 63

Bodyline-Fitness Mais detalhes

Bodyline-Fitness M L XL

Dança, Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Treinos Funcionais, Yoga

Waldeck-Sachsenhausen, Zehnthofstraße 8

Day Night Sports Kassel Mais detalhes

Day Night Sports Kassel S M L XL


Kassel, Lilienthalstr. 146

Rückenfitness-Zentrum & Sportstudio Pro Body Mais detalhes

Rückenfitness-Zentrum & Sportstudio Pro Body M L XL

Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Treinos Funcionais, Yoga

Kassel, Louis-Peter-Strasse 4

Sportscheune Mais detalhes

Sportscheune S M L XL

Dança, Fitness, Meditação, Treino Militar, Treinos Funcionais

Waldeck-Sachsenhausen, Nordstraße 46

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