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Asthanga Yoga in Mitte Ashtanga Yoga Berlin (since 2004) is the place for eager Yoga practitioners who seek guidance and precise support in the advanced and subtle Yoga practices. Ashtanga is a non-esoteric, straightforward practice method, deeply rooted in the mind-blowing yogic scriptures. Come if you are ready to practice Yoga every day so you can develop your personal advanced Yoga practice. Go beyond the mainstream! Call us: +493048496665. === WHAT IS ASHTANGA YOGA MYSORE STYLE? === Mysore Style is the classical Indian Yoga teaching method. Individual tuition in small groups (10 – 20 practitioners) allows for cultivating an individual practice and “inward-orientation” (pratyak-cetana) of your mind. The result is the exact opposite of the wide-spread (western) approach of “teacher-imitation”, which directs your awareness outwards and puffs up the ego. True yogic experiences cannot arise if you look away from the self. Try the difference and you’ll understand. === HOW CAN YOU LEARN MYSORE STYLE? === After a month of Mysore Style practice you will have escaped the boredom of flowery platitudes of copy-paste Yoga. But be warned: True Yoga needs method and dedication. Ashtanga is constructed to be challenging for your body, nervous system and ego structure. It’s all quite natural, just give us a call and we explain the details: +49.30.48496665. === YOU HAVE AN ASHTANGA PRACTICE? GO BEYOND! === If you know what you are doing you can simply join our Mysore classes any time. You will discover fascinating internal alignment tools which remove all major obstacles on your path with ease. Learn why mulabandha is not what you think and experience the true meaning of “advanced” in Yoga. === YOGA INJURIES? WHAT’S THAT?!? === “Asana practice is (...) not which ruins someone’s health” - Adi Shankara, ca. 8th cent. CE. Both cause and solution for Shankara’s observation have not changed over the past 1200 years. Yoga injuries come from incorrect practice. Incorrect practice comes from incorrect teaching. Incorrect teaching is ignorantly serving the ego rather than the self. Injuries disappear when you stop re-injuring yourself. Your body heals within days when the cause of an injury is removed. That’s your inherent nature. It is that simple. We will help you. === THE MEANING OF YOGA === The process of Yoga is a fundamental transformation of how you perceive the world and your own self. The only valid map on that path are the ancient yogic scriptures such as Yoga Sutra, the Bhagavad Gita etc. This is our foundation, even if it looks like a physical practice. === BECOME PART OF OUR COMMUNITY === It is an important goal for us to build a community of practitioners from all yoga traditions. Let us create an island of mindful people. Let us chat, discuss questions and make new friends. Let us reflect and support each other. Let us care for all beings. Let us take responsibility for our own blind spots and embrace change.

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M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat an den Kursen von Ashtanga Yoga Berlin teilnehmen L- und XL-Mitglieder können 1x pro Tag an den Kursen von Ashtanga Yoga Berlin teilnehmen

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Buche Deinen Kurs direkt über die Urban Sports Club App! Bitte beachte, dass dies eine verbindliche Buchung ist, und die Stornierungsfrist eingehalten werden muss. Die jeweilige Stornierungsfrist wird bei der Buchung angezeigt. Andernfalls wird Dir der Besuch von Deinem monatlichen Besuchslimit abgezogen und in Rechnung gestellt. Für eine Einführung in das traditionelle Mysore-Style-Ashtanga ist eine L-Mitgliedschaft nötig. Ruf uns vor Deinem ersten Besuch bitte an, damit wir Dir einen Platz reservieren können: +493048496665

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