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Bootcamp Berlin, Hamburg und Köln ⏱️ A 45-minute workout that consists of 10 stations. Incorporating some of the best equipment around, in one of the coolest studios you will see. Flip tyres, pull ropes, ski, row and push your way through the stations whilst your coach treats you to their favourite playlists and expert guidance. We stay true to our STORM beliefs by incorporating the 7 primal moves into every workout, which will always be different with a variation of equipment available. This workout is a no nonsense, get it, get out concept you will love. Oh, and look out for the signature finish every single time.

Horários de Abertura:

The opening hours depend on the course times. Please be there at least 10 minutes before the course starts. The classroom door closes 5 min. before the course starts.

Limites de Visita:

M-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat STORM Decath10n Berlin - Ostkreuz besuchen. L-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat STORM Decath10n Berlin - Ostkreuz besuchen. XL-Mitglieder können 1x pro Tag STORM Decath10n Berlin - Ostkreuz besuchen.

Informação Importante:

Entrance through Holmes Place - Ostkreuz. Booking for classes open 7 days in advance. Lockers and showers are available. All clubs operate a deposit system for the locker card, where you will need to leave a suitable form of deposit. *Please note that loss of either the card or the sensor will be subject to a charge*.

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