Zen Yoga - am Gleisdreieck


Yoga in English Zen Yoga is a fusion of yoga flow and mindfulness meditation. With regular practice, you will develop strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and gain insights into your thoughts and emotions. It will create a powerful shift in how you respond to stress and challenges and offer a practical skill you can use in everyday life. The teachers lead grounded and inspiring yoga classes in English. They offer a music-free space during our yoga classes in order to nourish receptive attention. The yoga studio is located at in Berlin Kreuzberg, right beside the invigorating open space of Gleisdreieck Park.


Tempelhofer Ufer 36 - Kreuzberg


Öffnungszeiten richten sich nach den angebotenen Kursterminen. An Feiertagen werden keine Kurse angeboten.


M- und L- Mitglieder können 1 x pro Tag an den Kursen von Zen Yoga teilnehmen M- and L-Members can join in once a day to Zen Yogas classes.


Die Kurse finden im Aikido Dojo am Gleisdreieck statt/ Classes take place in Aikido Dojo at Gleisdreick


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