Berimbarte Capoeira @Sporthalle

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Capoeira in Kreuzberg Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art. It combines various self defense and fighting techniques with rhythm, dance and acrobatics. The traditional music is a big part of the Capoeira culture and is also practiced and performed by the participants. The Capoeira group BerimbArte e.V. was founded in 2006 in Berlin. The name means “Art of the Berimbau”, the main instrument and a symbol of Capoeira. The group arranges a various amount of workshops, competitions and excursions every year. Privately the participants often meet up for additional trainings in the park, barbecue or just for beer and wine. The founder and main trainer of the group is Mestre Canguru (Lourival Pereira dos Santos). He started training Capoeira in 1989 in Brazil with the age of 12. In 1998 he moved to Berlin to bring the Capoeira culture to Europe. Today he has more than 25 years experience as a trainer and additional experience in BJJ and Muay Boran. No matter if newbie or veteran, everyone is welcome! Spoken languages in our group so far are German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian.

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M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat an den Kursen von Berimbarte Capoeira @Sporthalle teilnehmen L-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat an den Kursen von Berimbarte Capoeira @Sporthalleteilnehmen XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat an den Kursen von Berimbarte Capoeira @Sporthalle teilnehme S-Mitglieder können im Rahmen ihres Kontingents von 4x im Monat auch an den Kursen von Berimbarte Capoeira @Sporthalle teilnehmen

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BITTE BEACHTE: die neue Halle befindet sich in der Görlitzer Straße 50/51. Bitte bei Verspätung durchrufen (0151 40749815) da sich das Tor automatisch schließt und es keine Klingel gibt.

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