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PIlates in Berlin Elvan embraces different bodies and needs, adjusting the margins accordingly to create flow. Serving Pilates as a container for you, tailoring the method according to your needs and priorities. The ultimate goal is to make you feel good and happy at home- in your body. I will be guiding you through different manners and tools to re-educate your body and understand basic concepts in human anatomy together. My goal in a Pilates session is to help people find their growth and strength in themselves and their movement.

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Thursday: 10:00 - 11:00

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M-Mitglieder können 4x pro Monat Elvan Tekin Pilates besuchen L-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat Elvan Tekin Pilates besuchen XL-Mitglieder können 8x pro Monat Elvan Tekin Pilates besuchen

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Wichtige Information: Bring your own mat

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