Anajara Laisa Amarante (Tanzen Berlin)


Tanzen in Berlin - Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg SENSING THE MOVEMENT Sensing the movement aims through easy movement sequences to awaken ones true movements and possibilities – embodying YOUR own version and idea about what is proposed in the class, always with patience, care and understanding. This class is open for people with or without knowledge about movement and dance. This class has nothing to do with an average dance class. Our aim is not to learn dance routines. Our aim is to go deeper in knowing your own possibilities of movement in a broader way, being movement, healing and self discovery our goal. Dancers are very welcome though. Feel free to experiment new things while not leaving way too much the confort zone – my goal as a facilitator is to make people understand that the tools to move their bodies are already with them. Attached to each, as this class embraces our senses, I´d like to introduce some interaction with at least 3 of those senses: somatosensation, vision and olfaction– as they are the doors through which we can perceive the world. Pragmatically I will be working with urban, daily movement, resignifingthem, deconstructing the signs

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Location befindet sich im Heile Haus (second floor)

Agora a partir de 29,00 €

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