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Yoga und Massage in Mitte und Friedenau Eva Tara is a lover of true connections between all beings. Ever since she was little her love and compassion towards nature, humans and animals has been prominent and led her on a path towards finding a way to build bridges. Tara is a name she was given by a Balinese priest, who saw her love for all beings, humans, animals and plants, nature. She has been doing yoga for many years and been certified as a teacher for over a year now, teaching in different environments and falling in love even more with movement and body-mind connection. For her personally, it started as a way of working out, however, going through bad times her practice shifted to become more spiritual. She now sees yoga as the best and only way to heal the self. She immersed herself into Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation practice and Reiki to keep adding to her skills and tools to share peace and awareness. The ultimate goal is to heal all trauma and awaken potential in everyone who crosses her path. Eva Tara combines techniques from Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage and Reiki in her sessions. Her focus is to create a highly relaxing atmosphere and to put your body into a sort of physical hypnosis. This is the state in which the body can heal itself. Please dress in comfortable clothing as the massage will not include oil-on-skin techniques and it's important to keep yourself warm.

Horários de Abertura:

Informiere dich bitte zu Öffnungszeiten, Kursen und Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen direkt beim Partner.

Limites de Visita:

L-Mitglieder können im Rahmen ihrer standortübergreifenden 1x Massage pro Monat auch bei Eva Tara Massage einen 30-minütigen Termin vereinbaren. Die Massage-Einheiten können nicht miteinander kombiniert werden. XL-Mitglieder können im Rahmen ihrer standortübergreifenden 2x Massagen pro Monat auch bei Eva Tara Massage 30-minütige Termine vereinbaren. Die Massage-Einheiten können nicht miteinander kombiniert werden.

Informação Importante:

Melde dich bitte für eine Massage unter [email protected] an. Solltest du deinen Termin nicht wahrnehmen können, melde dich bitte bis zu 24 Stunden vor Terminbeginn wieder ab. Andernfalls wird der Besuch vom monatlichen Besuchslimit abgezogen und in Rechnung gestellt.

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