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Welcome to Santidas Yoga. A word from the partner 📣 : Through its teaching of yoga, the team seeks to create peace and harmony with students and thus to contribute together to global peace. Santi means peace, Das means servant. Breathing, relaxing and singing is an essential aspect of all classes. Amenities available 🔐 : cloakroom We 🖤 : Santidas offers several Hatha Yoga classes, more dynamic Vinyasa courses with faster transitions. You can also practice Iyengar/chair & aerial yoga.

Limites de Visita:

Subscription M & L : 4/month Subscription XL: 8/month

Informação Importante:

Book your class directly via the Urban Sports Club application! Please note that this booking is binding and that it is necessary to respect the cancellation deadline indicated at the time of booking. If you do not cancel within this period, the class will be deducted from your visit limits. Registration via the QR-Code is still mandatory before you can join the class.

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